Jared Casey

Jared Casey, LMFT, contributes a wealth of experience and knowledge working in addiction recovery to Reprieve as Clinical Director. Jared is trained in systems theory through his marriage and family therapy background allowing him to understand the whole family healing process. Jared takes a holistic approach of mind, body and soul into recovery encouraging clients and their families to embrace healthy and holistic lifestyle changes.

Jared's path to furthering his work in addiction grew quickly when he founded I Am Recovery in 2017, Utah's premier company for outpatient support for mental health and substance abuse. I Am Recovery has contributed to helping thousands of people and their families re-connect, achieve improved health and support as well as connect to careers, reunite with children, and strengthen spirituality. Jared has a unique talent for connecting with wonderful people and building teams that succeed and grow together. Jared truly loves what he does and knows how to create win-win-win relationships.

Jared is passionate about creating and building a better world for himself, his family, his community and the world at large. He loves being a witness to healing and building people up.