Cami Sandall

Cami Sandall is from Utah and was raised in a large family who have loved and supported her through her recovery journey. She started drinking at age 16 as a way to fit in and be accepted. During her late 20’s Cami was a major car accident which left her with severe back pain where she was prescribed opioids which escalated her addiction.

Cami is in long term recovery and has held multiple positions at treatment centers. She has given back to the community by speaking at detox centers, podcasts, doing outreach, and volunteering her time at local non-profits to help individuals in need. She has a passion for helping women recover and belief in the power of women healing together.
Cami is also a yoga instructor that has worked with several treatment facilities to help their clients experience the benefits of mindfulness and yoga. She has a love for her healing path which has included yoga, mindfulness, therapy, and deep spiritual connection. She is a single mother who cherishes the
time that she spends with her daughter and when she is not at work you will probably find the two of them out paddleboarding, hiking or even doing a cold plunge. Cami is the Operations Director at Reprieve Recovery and has been the instrumental person in the vision of the program.