Alethea Holland

Alethea Holland found Reprieve Recovery and reached out offering to be the “first volunteer”. She has a passion for recovery as she has struggled for many years with addiction and is now in recovery and living a life where she finds joy in giving back. Her belief is that every individual has their own story and their own journey. She is confident that people are capable of overcoming the challenges they face in life when they have the right support and draw from their values and strengths. Empowering others and watching the process of awareness and recovery is a rewarding and humbling experience. Alethea feels humbled that she has the pleasure of being a part of the vision that Reprieve Recovery offers to women and the work that God is doing.
Alethea is an LCSW and has worked to help individuals and families through grief, loss and overcoming addictions and life’s challenges. She has a passion for helping others in recovery and is active in her own recovery. She has also been working in the medical field alongside her husband and providing medical care to individuals who struggle and providing elderly patients medical care in their homes. She has 2 children, 3 bonus stepchildren and a beautiful granddaughter who she loves very much. She enjoys spending her free time mountain biking, hiking, doing yoga, and enjoying the outdoors in Mountain Green.